Is it really already JUNE?

(This is the last "high tech" doodle (wacom tablet) I did for fun and it was likely inspired by the weather at the time)


Giftwrapping an experience

One Christmas request was an outing to a particular movie with the family.

So I made a gigantic ticket stub in illustrator, roughly 6x8 inches.

Taped into a makeshift book binding (book board + wrapping paper+scrapbook paper that, let's face it, I'll NEVER use for scrapbooking)

Wrapped with a pretty bow.

And put it together with all the other wrapped gifts to haul upstairs to be opened on Christmas morning.
Oh hey! I match the wrapping paper!


Illustration: Pretty dress on garish paper

Prisma on scratch paper...again.
Amazing the difference in color between the photo and scan versions.

My daughter colored the flower while I ran to the loo. This is tame in comparison to what she's done to my other drawings. Whenever I confront her about scribbling on my drawings she'll say something like, "Yes, I did it, mom! It looks good now, huh!"


Illustration: Cinderella

(Scratch paper, ballpoint pen and prismacolor pencils)

We have been listening to audiobooks from the 60's.

My kids' new favorite is Pixie & Dixie with Mr. Jinks Tell the Story of Cinderella. So of course Cindy was the sketch of the day.

At first Cindy started off looking more like a Pink Lady from Grease, then she evolved into a beehive sporting, glasses wearing prom queen.

Have you ever looked through yearbooks from the 50's & 60's? TONS of ladies in prom gowns with big, clunky glasses. Now THAT's hot.


Alice and Alice

A couple of things I want to improve are how I color my pieces and being able to draw the same character multiple times. So, I grabbed the nearest sheet of (blue? with sewing measurements?) scratch paper and got to work.

We were listening to Magilla Gorilla's version of Alice in Wonderland (vintage audiobook of my youth!!!), so I went with it:

(drawn with ballpoint pen, prismacolor pencils)


Illustration: kids & imagination

I saw my son running around outside with a toy screwdriver and rain boots fighting the "bad guys".

It made me happy.

I love being a mom.


Projects & Crafts: Satin flower

I made these for my mom & mom-in-law this year (a few years ago I made them these other flowers, over here)

This purple bloom is a composite of a few ideas


Here are some links to the handmade flowers that inspired this creation:

Organza flower (melting)
Ribbon Peonies (gathering, ruffling)
GORGEOUS Felt Dahlia (backing)

Happy Mother's Day!!!