Alice and Alice

A couple of things I want to improve are how I color my pieces and being able to draw the same character multiple times. So, I grabbed the nearest sheet of (blue? with sewing measurements?) scratch paper and got to work.

We were listening to Magilla Gorilla's version of Alice in Wonderland (vintage audiobook of my youth!!!), so I went with it:

(drawn with ballpoint pen, prismacolor pencils)


Apryl said...

These looks great! I love prismacolor on colored paper. She has a very sweet face, and it's TOTALLY the same character done twice (I know, it's HARD!)

Crystal said...

Thanks, Apryl! I really appreciate your input. I've been swimming through different styles since my last posting.

Part of me wishes I actually took classes on different mediums (gouache, pencil, oils, etc.) in school, but all I have under my belt is product design...with the computer. lol

Maleina said...

After all these years I am still blown away by your talent! I taught primary today and our lesson was talents I always think of you because you are one of the most talented people I know.