Projects & Crafts: Satin flower

I made these for my mom & mom-in-law this year (a few years ago I made them these other flowers, over here)

This purple bloom is a composite of a few ideas


Here are some links to the handmade flowers that inspired this creation:

Organza flower (melting)
Ribbon Peonies (gathering, ruffling)
GORGEOUS Felt Dahlia (backing)

Happy Mother's Day!!!


dulci said...

GREAT idea! these are beautiful!!


N for Fila said...

wow you're so talented..you're like the brown version of martha stuart..and might i add, way cooler!!

tehseenfatima92 said...

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Hey great stuff, thank you for sharing this useful information and i will let know my friends as well.

elesa said...

did you sew the satin onto the felt, or just glue it on? And did you have to melt the edges of each petal separately, or do a bunch at once?

Crystal said...

Hi elesa!
I just hot glued it verrrry carefully starting with a little bud in the middle and spiraling out, dabbing glue as I worked my way around the felt circle :)

The petals need to be parted to melt them separately.