Illustration: Pretty dress on garish paper

Prisma on scratch paper...again.
Amazing the difference in color between the photo and scan versions.

My daughter colored the flower while I ran to the loo. This is tame in comparison to what she's done to my other drawings. Whenever I confront her about scribbling on my drawings she'll say something like, "Yes, I did it, mom! It looks good now, huh!"


N for Fila said...

Lol ur daughter is funny!! I love ur drawings crystal, u should illustrate children's books.

Honeycombs said...

You are so amazingly talented.

Crystal said...

N for Fila-Thanks. I actually think this little senorita looks a lot like you.

Honeycombs-Hi!! Thanks for stopping by and for letting me know what you you think!lol

Sarah Ward said...

Crystal, I had no idea you were so artistic! (Not that it's any surprise, it's no wonder we get along so well :)) Your illustrations are darling.